I currently focus on still lives and images of our world in the form of still lives. I portray the strange moments of daily life, with a keen interest in all phenomena of light and how light transforms the seemingly obvious into a new reality – thus creating the magic of the image.


New Work in progress:


Beyond the Wild

I am currently working on a personal project that I will turn into a book. Here is a link to the video about the book on youtube. Infos on crowdsourcing coming up soon.


Fuzzy Liaisons

This work aims at the immediate experience, the opening of all five senses without borders: touch, smell, sound, taste and visual. I follow my visual intuition, dive into the microcosm of daily life – for example on flower and food close-ups, on what is accessible to me directly. I expose these in natural or staged settings, in natural and artificial light. I create an augmented reality of different microcosms, letting in the dreamy and surreal and uncanny. My kitchen turns into a magic laboratory and I document my lab processes with the camera. I bring out colours that have symbolic meaning to me, the sensual red of wild strawberries, a psychedelic blue, an overnatural green, a mystical violet.


As humans, we have the ability to push the boundaries, to augment our existing reality or dream up new worlds. At the same time, we remain a part of nature and our senses are subject to the processes of life, This work reminds us that we are always subject to the processes of life, death and rebirth, in an ever repeating circle.



False Moons

This series plays with the light, the imagery you can realise by means of light. In my dreams, the number and type of images of the moons are growing. The moon comes in all colours, green, rose, turquoise, white or pink. It is clouded, overgrown with plants, an almost tangible earthly object. Yet it remains an erratic fantasy, a straying illusion. Light creates new luring moons, false at second sight. The light and shapes play tricks on our senses, it is impossible to distinguish a real and an artifical moon, an image from the reality.


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